Sally Harrison's Dot Paintings

Sally Harrison's Dot Paintings

This Profile is Designed to promote Understanding of The Forces that SHAPE our lives.

In 1949 my crippled 14yr old Mother was raped by A WHITE MAN. Declared as Neglected Children, Authorities exiled her, Classified me as a subhuman Primate & sent me to Bomaderry Mission, which Enforced A STRICT CODE of Honesty, self discipline, self respect, self reliance & love of goodness. This home Was MY ROCK of Ages. There was NO Disrespect, Disobedience, Lies, Shirking of Responsibilities, Pretence or Arrogance. Adoption created CHAOS from Order. My White parents ripped out all The Good Instilled in Me & Replaced it with LIES & The Worst Forms of Abuse. In her youth, my mother was close friends with the notorious criminal, Darcy Dugan.

WORDS can't express The HAVOC Caused by THE WORD MADE FLESH - A New Name, parents, home & Religion that Forced Me to Use My Right Hand. This SWITCHED & SPLIT my brains into 4 Entities - A False Persona, My Aboriginal Soul, My Spirit & My Self-Image. In effect, MY LITTLE SELF, Mute with Terror, remained conscious; locked up in my Right Mind, ENSLAVED TO THE EGO of My Superiors. My Left-brain, Seat of My Aboriginal soul with NO Knowledge, was AWAKENED & Forced to ACT LIKE a Trained Monkey by THE WORD & Collective Beliefs of The Government, Religion & Society. I was Condemned to Wander For The Term of My Natural Life in a Spiritual Desert - Afraid, Alone & Deprived of what Their Ignorant Children Enjoyed.

Like a Hunted Animal I Relied on My Cetacean Brain & HOMINID Perception to Read my parents & Their Motives. My Limbic System, Seat of The PRIMEVAL Egyptian Serpent god AMEN, caused Chaos in my OPPRESSED State of Mind, ACTIVATED BY WORDS & Word + Image Association. IT didn't Question THE WORD & was Bound to Obey His Master's Voice.

This is MURDER OF THE MIND by Verbal & Physical Abuse, Mental Torture & Deprivation of Human Rights which SUPPRESSED the development of my Neocortex. I became Clumsy, DESENSITIZED, Mentally Detached, Developed Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety Disorder & Metathesis. I Saw & Did things Back to Front which made me an object of ridicule to my parents. The word Name means Shadow Self or REFLECTION of One's Environment. My Aboriginal Soul Opposed IT & refused to accept IT because IT wasn't ME, which increased my problems exponentially.

I can't accept this DEIFIED INTELLECT & UNFORGIVING Lesser 'god' of Writing, Wisdom & Hu, ie: Authoritative Speech, worshiped for millennia by Learned Men & Scribes in His ANIMAL FORM of A Baboon & HUMAN FORM of a Masked Priest-King known as a Psycho-Pomp who GUIDES Dead Souls to Hell. Druids & Bards worshiped Hu as "The Wonderful Chief Dragon & Sovereign of heaven", ie: The Ancient Mind of "Cosmic" Man.

LIFE knocked me down Off MY PERCH, Destroyed all my Illusions & I FELL DOWN TO EARTH because I couldn't carry the weight of The World as punishment for the sins of my ancient ancestors. It taught me I am just a Child of Nature made of Flesh & Blood - that no matter how hard I try, I can't be "perfect" & that I can't Change The World. All I can do is Change My World & Make Things Right Within &
Be Happy Being Myself As Mother Nature Created me.

3 years ago I DECIDED to Reprogram My Brains. I read & copied texts from Internet Archives, printing the words like a child & read them repeatedly to reinforce them. This shut down The Government's god-awful BLUEPRINT For My Life & ITS Mental Program instituted by Ignorance. Self-Education Released my Unconscious Mind from The Grip of Terror & The Horrors of Non-Existence Betwixt The Living & The Dead. Thus My Demonized Soul Finally accepted me, Removed The World of THE DEAD & Their Worship off my shoulders & Restored Me To Consciousness.

I'm lucky that my life been balanced by so many good & caring people. I'm happy to practice THE JOY OF FORGETTING & Focus on My Greatest Love - LIFE ON EARTH in all its INFINITE Variety & Beauty - My SOURCE OF LIFE, Peace & Happiness.

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