Shahriar Art

Shahriar Art

I have been graduated from Pittsburgh State University, USA. My majoring in Building Design & Construction Engineering.
Without Art, life is unbearable. Art = Love. When you love something, it becomes a part of your Soul, it is an endless pleasure. I started drawing when I was seven years old, any space I find at home you could see lines everywhere on the wall, floor, books, and so on. My father came home and brought me a present when I open that it made me so delighted, it was a color pencil, drawing paper and told
saghakhani2@gmail.comme to do the same for your kids, it was 1960 I started drawing and painting until now. I started sculpture in 1981 when I was a student at P.S.U., I am a self-taught artist who always tried to find a new technique for my artwork and I always appreciate my father, because he showed me the way.
Art = Love
Shahriar Aghakhani.

Abstract, Watercolor


Ink &Pencil

Abstract, Acrylic & Oil