Sacral Art

“Sacral Art” is an Esoteric Gallery of a young artist Nikolay Lyapanenko. His artwork coming from the depth of his ancient soul and burning heart of an artist, his incessant process of comprehending the life and world and their divine essences, his intuition, reflection and shamanic visions.

Each picture painted by Nikolay is an unsolved Enigma, a magical Mystery and a metaphysical secret. His artwork is a representation of the divine mechanism of the World and Life captured in a unique style, vivid images and rich symbolism.
It is a piece of art emanating from the inside of his Microcosm.

Nikolay Lyapanenko’s art – is a Flight above the ordinary, it ascends the Soul to a new plane of Existence, Awakens the Heart and Heals the Mind, enlivens the sacral and spiritual, inspires to be.