Art of Believing

Art of Believing

"My works are distinguished by a conceptual approach. Through this point of view of meanings and symbols I discover the dialogue with the viewer and the surrounding world.
I have constantly insisted on discovering my own typology by portraying the usual aspects of my life environment, and my compositions have a deliberate simplicity being loaded with an atmosphere of refined sensibility, rendered by chromatic harmonies, by balancing and rhyming the volumes.
I invested color with spiritual qualities and I concentrate on reproducing aspects inspired from reality, from what I observe, live and love.
My compositions often acquire distinct identities as the result of a creative process based on a mastered construction. In my works the idea of flat space creates a sensation of movement where the characters communicate through gestures.
Each work is also a continuous search for emotions and desires, surprising their subjects through meditation and dialogue, and information and perception become key elements in deciphering the plastic message."


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