I am half romanian and half german from my mother's part (but I don't speak german). I grew up following german traditions, surrounded by a beautiful garden, with animals and children in the neighborhood. As a teenager, watching Italian television, I learned Italian almost perfectly in half a year.
I remember that I started drawing before I learn to write.I draw just carried by my imagination, forgetting about time flow.

I have started my own career in the business area, learning all that I could about economics and sociology. Since my childhood, my deepest dream and my most hidden thought was to become a painter. Because of the circumstances, when I decided my career orientation, I found me forced to love something more desirable then art.
When I turned 30, I decided to take my chance and follow my deepest desire. Like so, I quit my job and I started my new life!

So, here I am following my dreams as a painter.
I have already participated in more than 8 group exhibitions, starting in December 2012. I participated and won a lot of conquests till now.
Honor me, by following my works and I will appreciate your opinion about them!

Sometimes, I use to make and sell my paintings, by request; although, generally, I sell my art in stores and galleries.