Sabaya Art

Sabaya Art

Sabaya Art is abstract photography created by Scott Stouder.

Through the lens of a camera, Scott sees life objects expressed in many possible forms, shapes, moods and emotions, creating depth and story far beyond what the naked eye may perceive. With passion, imagination and creative insight, Scott takes us on a journey of wonder and intrigue, creating a world of color, depth and texture from a still image.

Scott Stouder has been an artist and musician all his life. As a child he could most often be seen with a pad and pencil, sketching whatever was around him. As a young adult Scott began painting in oils and exploring photography; currently, the latter has become his preferred medium of expression.

As a musician, Scott began playing guitar at a young age and as a young teen added percussion and drums to his repertoire. He currently plays drums in the funk rock, jazz fusion band Animal Dream, and is also a solo singer-songwriter under the name Sabaya. He has produced and recorded 2 CDs of his original music. You can explore his music at

Scott grew up in Southern California and now resides on the beautiful island of Kauai where he finds much of his inspiration. We hope you enjoy his creative works of abstract expression.

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