Saaz Arty

Saaz Arty

My name is Aparajita and I am from India. I am an architect and Interior Designer by profession . At present I live in Bergen, Norway and have been painting since 2013 as a professional artist. I have liked painting since childhood and as I grew up in India, I have always been very attracted to various Indian ethnic art styles.

I paint in water, acrylics and glass medium. Apart from that I also use pen and ink.

I love to try my hand on different styles of painting and experimenting with different materials. As you will see in my gallery , there are paintings which include Madhubani paintings, Kalamkari paintings, paisley design prints and Warli paintings. These are varieties of Indian folk and tribal art. Each painting has an individual and distinct style and comes from various regions of India. I have painted them on different mediums, to present them in different styles.

Apart from these, I also like to paint beautiful Japanese ladies, in their traditional attire of Kimono. I have included them both, as individual prints and in the form of Origami Bookmarks. My collection also showcases, some pen sketches of serene and calm Japanese villages in different seasons.

I like to paint paintings not only from my imagination but also make them on order for various housing interiors. The paintings can also be made to fit to spaces in your interiors on order and the price for the paintings can also be paid in one's own country currency

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