Saakura Mee

Saakura Mee

My love for painting started at a tender age. But sometimes it may be hard for people to pursue their passion in full glory. Some mishaps led me to join the rat race to enter the corporate world and now I am an Engineering student majoring in Computer Science. Still the urge for me to paint and stay connected with the world of art remained strong. Though I like Computer Science , my love for pouring my heart on a canvas is much more powerfull.

So, here I am , starting my career in fine art with full force.

I wish to try and capture the little moments in life in my artworks by looking at the world with a more interesting and colorful perspective. Life has given me immense opportunities to witness the stark and diverse beauty of various parts of my country while traveling with my family throughout my life. I tend to pour out those memories on my canvas while creating a deeper connection with the world around me.

My style may evolve in a bizarre manner in the future since I like to experiment a lot .
Because one must express the feelings exuded by all things living or dead in their raw manner to show what a splendid artist nature is.

To me ALL of it is significant.......The quiet, the chaotic, the unremarkable, the extraordinary, the marvels of nature, the day to day things, etc... All of it is life, and all of it is significant. It's just all in how we look at it.