Zaplatar Art

Zaplatar Art

Born in London Ontario Canada on a farm. Early memories would have me on walks through the countryside. Gather as I would clay from a near by stream and create something. Or a piece of wood to fashion a toy plane. Early on I had an ability to draw photo realistic. Although I seek a more expressive implied method today. My medium of choice was watercolor. A medium easy to travel with as I still do today when I travel I take watercolors with me. I believe in the more traditional techniques of Artistry. Hard work, developing painting skills , working from life, color principal etc.

I moved to the United States in 1978 and settled in Texas where I still make my home. Today I work from life using live models as a subject. I'm still exploring new matterials. Have recently started painting in oils. I work in Oils, watercolor, acrylic and various drawing mediums.

I have exhibited in group and private shows . Have been represented by Galleries. Of recent I have started to show my work on online venues.

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