Ryan Elizabeth Woelfel

Ryan Elizabeth Woelfel


I am an emerging artist experimenting with many different mediums. I love vibrant colors and allow the paint to tell me what it wants to do on the canvas. I Trust my energy to create what is needed each time I create with an open heart and joy. I enjoy pen & ink, watercolor, acrylics, and will try any medium that produces bright vibrant colors. I dabble in free hand mandala and flower drawings and have a deep connection to sacred geometry.

My inner stirrings come from the Oneness of life, everything is deeply connected through the web we are apart of. I transfer my highest Self and Knowledge through brush strokes, colors, shapes, and trusting that what I create has a healing, nurturing effect on my audience. My inspiration comes from images I may receive during meditation or deep relaxation. I arrive at the blank canvas with an empty mind and trusting heart to create my love of color and creating art.

I believe all art has the healing energy of the artist, and my artwork reflects my profound healing transformation. Each of my pieces is infused with Soul Love, Healing and Oneness, transferring that energy to others for their own healing transformation.

Thank you for coming to see my work! May you be blessed with health, love and prosperity!

Energy Art