Ryan Olsen's Studio

Ryan Olsen's Studio


Hello, I am an American artist located in southern New England. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember when I as a kid, I would draw out the latest character to appear on the shows I watched--from X Men to Ninja Turtles. Art has always been by my side through the ups and downs of life, and I continued to Paire College of Art to hone my skills and begin the search of who I was as an artist. I have shown in a few venues--most of them have been local--though my art has made it out to Chicago and Italy.

The concepts of transformation and change have always fascinated me. Time is always moving forward like a river, and with its flow, everything always changes, however slightly. Many of my "serious" work depicts subjects either in the midst of change or in a situation that would benefit from change. On the note of transformation, watching and documenting my creative process is also something that is of great interest of me. Whether the work is still a work in progress or complete, I love looking back at my work to watch how the seed in my brain sprouted into its fully realized form. With no change, there is no room for growth, and without growth, there is room only for death.

Currently, I am slowly working on translating Sparkless, a short story I had written, into the graphic novel form.

I have also begun to experiment with painting on stones in acrylics. These in turn, I have been dropping around the area I live in for others to enjoy.