Ryan Knope

Ryan Knope


-Currently I Will Be Only Selling Originals
- My Website is www.ryanknope.com
- I am available for commission work
- Contact info is at the bottom of the Bio.

I was not always into graphics, but I loved art. I began drawing at age 4 with my grandmother, Fern Knope, a masterful artist. She bought me Berol Colored Pencils, Sketch Pads, Painting supplies and more as I reached 9 years old. We would draw for hours at her in-law apartment (Man - those were the days).

I had always been into drawing, painting, sketching and sculpting, but found a new art that rocked my world in 8th grade. My class took a field trip to the high school to check out the technology department and the classes that they offered. That’s when I got a quick look at a class called Graphics. As soon as I walked in the door witnessed the atmosphere and the activities, I fell in love and immediately said to myself "This is what I want to do for the rest of my life." I will never forget that day.

I enrolled in the Graphics class at Hilton Central High School during my Sophomore year and won the highest honor in the International Gutenberg Awards Competition for Computer Graphics and Printing. I won two Best of Shows, two First Places and a Fifth place all in my first year of computer graphics. This accomplishment had not been matched before and has not been matched since. I attribute the achievement to my instant enjoyment and love for this art that I will never loose.

Shortly thereafter I began writing tutorials and articles for Rhinoceros 3D users and both print and online magazines such as: 3D Artist; 3D Luvr; 3D Site; Komodo Studios Mastering 3D Graphics and Creature Workshop; 3D Review; Charles River Publishing's Graphics Resource Club and many more. I also co-wrote 3D Graphics Tutorial Collection, published by Charles River Publishing.

At that point, I decided to pay tribute to my country and serve in the United States Army. While training for Special Forces I was injured and sent home. Life resumed in computer graphics after my service in the Army...I then worked at HSI and Rockland Studios as their Lead 3D Artist managing 3D production. After 2.5 years there I decided to relocate to Denver.

I then received a job offer at world renowned Architectural design firm "RNL Design" in 2008.

That lasted until the economic crisis of 2009 and I was let go in Feb. I am now available for every type of 3D or 2D work. I also work with multiple companies on a freelance level, such as General Motors, GLS-I Inc, Sara Lee, Petards Inc, Learn It Systems, L.J.Linkjr Architect, Prestige Development, Big ideas Group, RNL Design, Amplify Research, Ecocentrix, TradeMax and more. For a client list and references please email me.

In mid 2009 I was contacted by Duncan Evans, the editor of 3D Artist Magazine (A internationally shipped magazine). I am now a monthly columnist for the magazine. Their Architectural - Interiors Q&A Expert.

In 2010 I became the main 3D Artist supplying renderings in the "Asia / Pacific Region" for super firm, Select Service Partner.

Pushing a career through dedication, know-how and experience through the past 22 years. The song remains the same. I hope you enjoyed the story.
-Ryan Knope

Currently I will only be listing my original pieces.

You can view my portfolio website at www.ryanknope.com
My email is info@ryanknope.com

If you are looking for a commission, please email me and we can set up a call time. Lead time depends on the complexity of the project.

Many thanks and kindest regards.