Liam Ryan

Liam Ryan

Liam Ryan was born in Dublin, Ireland and grew up just outside of Detroit, Michigan, U. S. A. where his family emigrated in the 70's. He first became interested in art from watching a family member who would sketch for him in his spare time. He then went on to study art at Ferris State University in Michigan and later with the esteemed pastelist and oil painter, Daniel E. Greene N. A. in N. Y. and Detroit. Ryan paints mainly in pastel, acrylics, and also a mixture of both. "I like to use different approaches when I'm working to keep things interesting for myself. I'll use different mediums, grounds, pallets and art movements, etc. and I like to work in series hence the different galleries on this site. Alot of my time is spent filling the well of artistic inspiration as I call it. I will be reading about other artists, copying master works, studying anatomy etc. I am interested most in the body with the occasional abstract, landscape, and still life added." Ryan is currently living in Birmingham U. K. and his work is in many private and some corporate collections across the world. The artist does not have a lot of experience exhibiting work with galleries aside from occasionally renting out local venues to show some recent works to friends. " In my career I have been mainly a commercial portrait painter." Ryan is currently looking for people in the art world who would be interested in helping him further his career with the works on display on this site. His work has recently been gaining more interest among the public, other artists, and also art collectors.

Fruit in Conte Chalk.

Representational Nudes In Conte.

Interpretations Of The Masters.

Expressive Female Nudes -Oil Pastel.

Blue Prints.

Oversized Fruit In Acrylic.


Female Nudes In Brown Pastel.

Expressive - Figurative Nudes.

Gray Nudes. Female.

Electric Blue Works In Acrylic.

Warm Sunlight Works. Acrylic. Female