Richard W. Jenkins Gallery

Richard W. Jenkins Gallery

Richard Jenkins has had a passion for photography for over 35 years. He loves travel images,nature,wild life, pets,children,people,and all forms of Fine Art Photography. 43 years ago he bought a good 35mm camera and took lessons from a local camera store in Memphis, Tn. He then entered a contest and was awarded third place. That excited him and he continually works to improve. He also studied through the New York Institute Of Photography. He enjoys working with and bringing out vivid colors and textures in his art.

Richard's statement:

Good creative and Fine Art photography can freeze a moment in time to be enjoyed forever! To be one with nature and have the patience to wait for the perfect moment to capture the beauty of a landscape, is very gratifying to say the least. The same is true of a beautiful and historic landmark or home. When it all comes together as I imagined, it is very exciting. I love to create those moments and allow someone to share them with me through my work.

Black and White Images


Vintage Cars and TRucks

Colorful Doors