Runestone Designs

Runestone Designs

Hello, my name is Jakub Pilawka, I’m from Częstochowa, Poland. I’m self-thought artist, with dream of creating art in realistic style but of fantasy themes. I express myself with images as I’m not a talkative person. It’s my way of taming world around me.

Lately I decided to change my view of my own art. For long time I was forcing myself to try make colorful paintings from my head. I was struggling with my art as it wasn’t good. I was forgetting to apply main rule and return to basics: study real life and values.

One day I started painting black and white portrait of Brandon Lee in the Crow, one of my favorite movies. And that changed my view, opened my eyes. I needed to start from roots.

My favourite technique is digital painting.

I like music and playing bass as my main instrument. I also play ethnic drums with my band Wild Drums. I compose, arrange and record my music myself.

Enjoy my gallery.