Ruggero Ruggieri

Ruggero Ruggieri

Hi, my name is Ruggero Ruggieri. I was born and live on the Italian coast, not far from the French border.

My story as an artist
I belong to a family of artists. My grandfather’s brother Salvatore Murra, and 2 of his sons Enzo Murra and Raffaele Murra, were artists and art restorers in churches, receiving assignments either from the Polish Pope and the German Pope.
Aged 5 years old I was spending many afternoons of my summer holiday together with my uncle, Salvatore Murra, while he was painting in a very warm attic.
Aged 12 years old I won my first art contest for all pupils of my school. My family weren’t surprised about my success as they were aware art ran in my veins.

My inspiration
I don't want to imitate anyone, I don't want contamination in my style. It doesn't matter if my art will not meet people's taste. I will keep looking for my own style to be proud to provoke emotion to those who look at my works.
I admire those who, with respect for everyone, have the courage to defend their own ideas refusing to be condescending to those who say "It has always been like this!". The fathers of impressionism: Claude Monet, Edgar Degas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Alfred Sisley, Camille Pissarro, Paul Cézanne, Édouard Manet ... the cubists: Pablo Picasso, George Braque etc., without forgetting all the exponents of "Degenerate Art" as defined by the "Third Reich", with the aim of preserving the typical values of the Aryan race and its cultural tradition.

My passions
I love the art of painting on any of its statement. The creative freedom of this art ''allowes'' me to express my rebellious spirit, self-deprecation and desecration! I am passionate about travelling and meeting new people all over the world, not as "a tourist" but as "a traveller". I love history, archeology, adventures, jazz music and cooking.

Painting is not ...
... about reproducing things as they are! That is task of those who dedicate themselves to the art of photography.
Painting, to me, is ''sharing my emotions''!!!
Knowing everybody will see something different in my art, means I've been able to give emotions to any of them.

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