RUE’s Art & Design

RUE’s Art & Design

I’m 41 years old, I live in Salt Lake City Utah. But I’m ready to see the world.Ever Since I could remember art has been part of my life. as a child i got started doing ceramics. I love going to the ceramic shop in Fillmore,Utah. Small little Utah country town is where I grow up. Acrylic painting then to chalking. My grandma loved every Christmas, birthday, best grandma In the world or just because it’s Thursday ceramic gifts. Then I kind lots myself in my early childhood and teenage years, 3 events happened that changed my life. First was the death of my best friend, I may have been only 8 years old, but my sisters husband Richie 24 years old, was my best friend. He had so much patience with me. just before we got the call, i remember the moment he passed and him rushing through my dreams, saying goodbye, it felt like an earthquake, then the phone rang. Second event the death of my father at age 15, I grow up over night for sure. Last thing I remember was and overwhelming joy of forgiving him for whatever reason the night before he passed, And the next morning when he dropped me off at school my last word s to my dad were “k, Love ya dad, I’ll see you when I see you”. By lunch hour the whole school was lookin get for me cause my uncle, Aunt and my mom was there to pick me up from school. I remember it’s like I was floating on air hearing the word “k, ryan you have to be strong for your mom ok” then walking out and seeing her not just crying but bawling, the shock hit me so hard. But then the word “you have to be strong for your mom” rang throw my head and still my life. Third event happened at age 16, a year after my dad had passed and I won’t get into a lot of the details, but’s I’ll say teenagers still living life’s aftershock of death should never drink. nor should they’d TRUST the 36 year old, who is ok buying them the Alcohol. Events happen in our lives for a reason I understand that know. But at the time, driving this 36 y/o home to his wife and 6 kids, after what I had just gone through. Change me mentality and physically for many years. I told my mom once, “ if I had to re live my childhood, I don’t think I would survive a second time. Pushed everything Event so far down deep inside of me and Locked the pain up so hard. It took So many years to undo all the suppression from numbing my life with drugs and alcohol. That’s Took another life changing event to stop me I need my tracks. And it open down my eyes to everything I had been living to die kind of life. But the words your test result came back POSITIVE. and the words “ ryan you have to Be strong” echoed threw my ears.

I FOUND A WAY TO STAY ALIVE. An amazing therapy tool everyone’s has heard about but hardly ever use it.

ART... THE BEST THERPY/Medication there is. I can cry, laugh, yell, scream getting it all out of me and on to a canvas. Truly Saved my life time and time again.

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