I was born in Indonesia, I am now blessed to be a resident of South Florida, USA. I am a contemporary abstract painter. I love to recreate childhood memories of my homeland as well as subjects from my new home in exciting America. I received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Teacher’s Training Institute of Bandung, Indonesia. Throughout my journey discovering my calling, I have explored many different media: the human figure, realism, abstraction, searching for my natural style. I learn more each day and have discovered that life and experience is the best teacher. My technique is a unique blend of abstractionism, realism and expressionism.
I love all colors from volatile reds, eccentric golds to cool blues and mellow greys. Each time I create a new piece, I let my emotion guide me channeling the human condition onto the canvas, in the hopes that each observer will have a similar universal experience.
Terima Kasih (Thank you).

Wander Bull