Firstly, I would like to thank you for visiting my page.
My name is Ruchira Jamwal and I was born in 1968 in the capital of India-"New Delhi”. From the very beginning I was the lover of nature. This love deepened with my frequent visits to different Himalayan towns every year during vacations with my parents. So, at a very young age I fell in love with these mountains. Often I used to depict the beauty through colours and canvas. Destiny favoured me when I got married with a guy from Himachal Pradesh (a state of most beautiful scenic views of Himalayas) in1992. Painting remained my hobby for a long time even after marriage.
I never stopped experimenting with different art techniques, so I call myself a self taught artist.
It was in 2003 after the birth of my younger daughter that I decided to take my hobby to a professional level. Since 2003 I continued to add to my collection of artwork mainly based on "Himalayan landscapes in water, oil, coal and acrylic mediums. I have also tried my hands in abstract painting. The name of my art collection/studio is "Ruchira's Art Room “and it is situated in a beautiful town of Himachal Pradesh called "Palampur".
I consider myself to be lucky to live my life in the lap of Himalayas who is not only my best friend but also a Guru and it will never stop inspiring me till my last breath...