Randall Steinke

Randall Steinke


I fell in love with painting in college when I had painting and art history classes . I have painted since then but in intermittent periods while taking painting and figurative drawing classes. Life circumstances led me back to painting which I now do as a full-time endeavor. I paint in an fauvist figurative style which uses bold vibrant colors on figurative subjects with the use of shapes to coalesce into an artwork.

When I look at the world around us I see shapes, image shapes occur from texture change, color changes, light/dark changes and others. Once I have an image that is abundant with shapes I then work to make the composition fit into a coherent image. The shapes and composition are then transferred to my canvas, a process that involves interpreting and creating a harmonious image. When working with the shapes, color is not a major factor at this point in the development of the artwork but colors do start manifesting themselves. Once satisfied with the forms on the canvas, I began to conceptualize colors that complement the shapes. When I’m satisfied with at least one color, I begin to interject color on to the shapes which always results in other colors manifesting themselves. For me every artwork is a conscious experiment that lays the foundation for future experiments.


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