R.Sterling Scott

R.Sterling Scott


I am, first and foremost, a professional artist and graphic designer. As such, I believe that I should be able to visualize ideas about how specific images should take form naturally, and as an abstract entity. On this website you will see a variety of approaches to the look of specific images. Some take form as paintings. Some as photographs. Others as digital creations and some are collaborative expressions combining different media to create a new idea. I hope you enjoy them.

I work in a number of disciplines, painting, photography, digital, collage... whatever inspires me. Over the past 60 years I have worked in advertising and marketing, design, multimedia presentations for litigation, 3D visualizations and animation. I believe this experience has given me a unique perspective. In addition, I am a wine journalist working with producers of fine wine, worldwide. See: www.winelinemedia.com.

I have had the privilege to do marketing and advertising for a number of fine Italian restaurants and I love to cook. I have added a category called "Italian Cuisine." In this category, I take simple dishes that I love, photograph them and manipulate the images via proprietary filters and, hopefully, turn these tasty dishes into art.

Vineyard Patterns



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Italian Cuisine