RS Photography

RS Photography

When people see my abstract images, their first question is, "What is that?". The photographic work which is my passion and my focus are close-up images of ancient rock and stone surfaces dating back to the Triassic Period, about 225 million years ago. It is this ancient quality which gives them a certain magical mystique.

I'm a Thornhill, Ontario, Canada based photographer who's traveled to many interesting places with my camera in tow. I'm inspired by the stunning landscapes, wildlife and natural wonders which I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to have seen. This is where my interest in photography began.

I love to get up close to plants and flowers and see shapes that are unrecognizable and unappreciated with the naked eye. I also enjoy the challenge of shooting images of birds in flight and of iguanas feasting on banana peels right out of my hand.

I'm mostly self taught and always trying to improve. My strength is in composition and I think it's most evident in some of my reflective landscape scenes in Alaska and The Yukon, and of the magnificent red rock formations in the southwest of the United States.

I became inspired to share my work after seeing the magical results of these ancient surfaces provided by our wonderful earth. I came upon these surfaces during my travels in the southwest of the United States. If you've heard of vortexes in Sedona, Arizona, you'll understand the spiritual energy in that part of the world. I found that same energy in my images.

At first glance, they are simply beautiful abstract images, many appearing to resemble paintings rather than photographs. This was my original interest when taking these shots. It wasn't until after I enlarged them that I became aware of figures that seemed strikingly spiritual in nature. I wasn't looking for them, like one would look for pictures in clouds. They just seemed to appear to me and to others who noticed this pareidolia phenomenon as well. I now believe there could be messages int hese ancient formations, telling stories originating back to the beginning of time.

Like my close-up captures of stamens of wild flowers made me realize, years earlier, the beauty and interest that the naked eye just cannot see, so did my close-up captures of these ancient surfaces make me realize the mystical stories hidden within. It was a realization too incredibly magical not to share.

Images Inspired By The Earth