Carol Rogers

I remember hearing my parents talking about the teachers saying I was drawing instead of doing schoolwork when I was in grade school. Later, I remember drawing horses and more horses. I did have crayons, and somewhere we ended up with a lot of scrap paper, so I drew and colored scenes on that paper. By the time I was in high school, I was wanting to paint. I think I was 16 when I got a paint by number set for Christmas plus two or three smaller canvas boards. I did the paint by number, then the rest of the paint to paint a horse and start a mountain scene with a some deer. I never finished the mountain scene, but my painting had started.
When I went to college, I took two semesters of art. The first semester was drawing and I learned some things in that class, though I was terribly homesick. The second semester was on using color through different media, but the teacher wanted “weird” stuff, so I stopped taking art at that time.
Through the years, I have painted with a few groups, and taken a few workshops and paint classes where my favorite medium ended up being oils. I did learn something from each workshop, class, and group that I painted with. I went through several “dry years” where I didn’t paint and couldn’t seem to get any inspiration, but after moving to Montrose, have started painting again and loving it.
Currently, I am showing artwork in area businesses through Art in Motion, sponsored by the Montrose Visual Arts Guild.