Hi, my name is roy and the 'O' is for 'Originals', so royOriginals is a venture into the world of fine jewelry and a mix of creations using Sterling Silver. I have 15 plus years of experience designing and creating pieces in Silver. Being a self-taught Silver hobbyist has been challenging and hard and has been good for my soul; failures really make you appreciate the value of success.
My gold is to create something for someone to enjoy for a lifetime, and my creation living another lifetime by someone special to that person, this is magical to me as a designer of Sterling Silver.
I invite you into my 'Silver Circle' for life, stay in touch....roy

Lapis Lazuli Necklace

Heart Bracelet

NC Emerald

Dragon Vein Agate

Ocean Jasper Adjustable Ring

North Carolina Natural Emeral

Desert Picture Jasper

Feather Necklace /Beads

Natural Jasper WB

Sterling Silver Ring 'Repousse'

Bloodstone Pendant

Jasper Ring

Natural cut Opal stone

Rosetta Lace Agate Pendant

Turquoise Pendant - Sterling Silver

Turquoise (natural stone)Adjustable

Opal Pendant