Roy Isaacs

Roy Isaacs

The industrial world is the primary precept for my work. I collect small throwaway objects and juxtapose them within a frame into interesting and eye pleasing shapes and positions, spray painting them to disguise their origin and purpose.

I use waste plastic packaging and containers to cast minimal shapes in plaster of Paris reflecting the resulting models in my industrial drawings, melding the two disciplines into a single oeuvre.

The re-use of materials describes current trends and concerns over plastic misuse, waste and industrial pollution.

Artists who have guided me to this position are the minimalist Donald Judd, the precisionist painters Charles Sheeler, Joseph Stella and Charles Demuth and of course the world of heavy industry, it’s waste and environmental catastrophes.

April 2021

M.A Fine art University of Chester (Liverpool University degree.)
B.A(hons) fine art (1st) Liverpool John Moores University degree.
Wirral Art School. Wirral Metropolitan College, Birkenhead.


Readymades, constructions, sculpture

Industrial images for printing