ROUSSEAU  Jean daniel

ROUSSEAU Jean daniel

I am French. I have been painting for many years, for over 40 years. On my website ( there are more than 1000 paintings on about fifteen themes. In general my work is figurative, but I also do abstract work. I work mainly with acrylic, on canvas linen or cotton, sometimes on watercolor paper; I also often paint with oil. I use all formats, from 10x10cm up to 150x 150 cm. Paint is not my job, it's my passion. A passion sometimes invasive. The ideas of my works, I find them in my travels, in my imagination, but also in the theoretical reflection on the pictorial work. I am of course a great museum lover, and I visited a lot of museums around the world. My ambition at the beginning was to realize one day an exhibition of all my works. That's why, so far, I have never sold any and I store them all at home. My favorite themes are abstraction / arches, vaults and cellars / bouquets / Caribbean / Greek chapels / skies and clouds / what I call "compositions", assemblies of complex construction of paintings on one theme / stairs / USA / doors and windows / museum interior / backgrounds in general / "fifth element", title of a film / light, all lights / Morocco / landscapes of course / many small formats, where we find all themes / research and innovation / vases and pottery / Venice / houses and villages. This is a beautiful program, the one of a lifetime.