New Age Art

New Age Art

Maria Rosaria D'Alessio studied Dress Design at Barnfield College of Art Technology, Luton, Beds. & debuted in her final year at the London Academy of Art and worked in the rag trade for several years, first Assistantdesigner and later Principal designer for various companies in London, including Inega Jeans Ltd.

Life choices brought her to live in Italy where she began to express her artistic flair through drawing and painting in a variety of techniques and media ranging from oil painting, wtaercolours, charcoal, pensil acrylic and mixed media.
She adopts a variety subjects and styles from symbolism, post modern realism to portrait, to cartoon, pop, alla prima, abstarct.

She recenlty developed a great interest in the “A fresco” technique. This entails the use of only natural pigments painted onto wet (fresco) plaster.
Today murals are often painted onto a dry wall with well adhering acrylic (man-made) paints, a technique which can also be very satisfying, (trompe-l'oeil), however, the look and feel of an affresco combines colours and shades which are unbeatable, and are as permanent as the plaster itself.
These colours are obtained from nature, from “the earth”: an excursion in the rambling country side can reveal an amazing amount of resources from which natural pigments can be drawn, by mincing different rocks or stones, a plant or bark etc. They are then mixed only with water and applied directly onto the plaster and dry with the plaster, gestures must be quick and precise, there is little room or time for making many corrections, becoming an integral part of the plaster itself, therefore become as permanent as the plaster.

Maria Rosaria has in recent years been coached by professional painter
"Francesco Fontana" master in the “alla prima” technique, in oils, watercolours and acrylics and who has encouraged her to work in the freedom of her own ability and style so as to let the individual artist emerge.... and to whom she is thankful for his dedicated teaching and patience.