I am Ali RostamKalaee, born in 1984 in Tehran. As a teenager, I was fascinated by art and literature. But for some reasons, in 2002, I started my university education in the field of pharmacy, and in 2012, I succeeded in obtaining a Doctorate Degree in Pharmacology.

During my university years, like many others the contradictions that affected the shredded Iranian society, injured me badly and after my divorce from my first wife, I found myself unable to live.

In those days and circumstances, a sudden desire led me to paint, and I got involved with painting and photography in a crazy way and since then, I haven't passed a day without painting. It was about six years ago, and in those six years and before that, I had no formal education in painting. I pursued painting as a self-taught artist until today, while I feel that I have something to say in the field of visual arts.

In 2019, I participated in my first group painting exhibition and continue to present my artworks worldwide.

At a time when very few dare to believe in self-being and always seek to prove their right of self-being clinging to other things, other people, and other beings and get credit for themselves from the opinions of the masses, which are easily bought and sold today, that is also derived from the false credibility gaining by signing university degrees and international and indoor awards, factional and supra-factional, these paintings seem ultimately lonely, but they are boldly themselves. Although they are crooked and broken, they are themselves. They are not decorated standing without any claims. So much so that the painter of these paintings says half jokingly and half seriously: “These are the Cervantes and Sancho Panza of our time who go to war with windmills and come back defeated.”

This is me and this is you and this is the bridge between you and these paintings...

Digital paintings