Rossana Leonardi Sculpture

Rossana Leonardi Sculpture

I was born in Massa, 13 April 1957. I educated to David Chiossone Institute in Genoa, where I began to learn about materials during class technical application with modeling clay with which I learned to carry out the first models with hands. Actual works are made of various types of clay and then colored with basic colours. Before starting doing sculptures and going trough the visual arts with simplicity and positive feelings.,i was and i'm still a singer.

(Profile picture and photos by Roberto Ballini)

Class with Felice Tagliaferri, Bologna, (
Masterclass at “Arte sacra” school, Florence, 2015

ArtAltro & Pemart, “Arte sacra” school with Dr. Giorgio Fozzati, Grosseto, 2015 (
Convention and videoconference at Expo Congress, Milan, 2015

Lo spino fiorito, Massa-Carrara, 2015
Showroom with Felice Tagliaferri “Chiesa dell'Arte”, Bologna, 2015
Associazione Retinopatici Italiani , Pontedera, 2015
Sculture symposium, Vedere con le mani, Carrara, 2014
Sculture symposium,Le mani per creare, Carrara, 2015
Sensi dell'arte, Milan, 2015
3 Months showroom, Marble's Museum, Carrara, 2015
Villa Simoneschi - National meeting of Unione Italiana Ciechi, Chianciano Terme, 2015
Collective exposition at Expo Congress, Milan, 2015