My artist name is Rosita Pierre. I am blessed to be in a family of artists.

Art allows me to escape into another world. When I am painting I am unware of the amount of time that has passed. I love music but can't sing (although I try hard to do so) I absolutely admire the singer Sia; I really like that she hides her identity from the public as she never shows her her music because you love the beat and lyrics. I also don't show myself in my profile pic or post sad my art because you love it and it has meaning and value for you; nothing else.

I don't talk much, I am simple and love life.

I love painting with acrylics and oils. I sell my canvas acrylic/oil art pieces in galleries. Recently I decided to dabble a bit in digital art. Super excited about this journey.

Thanks for viewing/buying my artwork. My email address is

"Live fully in every single moment."

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