Rosemary Colyer

Rosemary Colyer

I am a professional artist, born and educated (BA) in England, but now live and work in Andalucia, southern Spain. I work in all media but specialize in soft pastel and my style is figurative/realism.

My paintings have been exhibited in various English galleries and published in newspapers, magazines and online articles in England and the USA:

* Artists & Illustrators magazine (UK) - included in Spring and Summer
* PKA New York (USA) - paintings published in four editions of this bi-
monthly publication about the arts.
* Artsyshark (USA) - my work was included in an online article about
figurative art.

In 2018, my work was shown in The International Art Fair, Barcelona, and currently, several paintings are with the Art Nou-Milleni Gallery, central Barcelona.

I have been invited to exhibit work in major exhibitions in Venice, Italy, and France later this year (2019)

To date, I have sold in excess of 300 original paintings to clients in various parts of the world.

Currently, most of my work is to commission for private collectors but I have 3 recently completed originals for sale.