Rosemary Colyer

Rosemary Colyer

I am an English artist, born, raised and educated (BA) in England. I now live and work in Andalucia, southern Spain.

I work in all media but specialize in soft pastel and my style is figurative/realism. I paint landscapes and portraits and my subjects may be real or imaginary.

I invite you into my inner world, where I may share with you an atmosphere or emotion. Viewers and collectors say that one reason why they are drawn to my paintings is because they evoke a feeling of peace and tranquillity.

My work has been exhibited in various English galleries, included in many exhibitions and published in newpapers, magazines and online articles.

To date, all of my originals which have been offered for sale, have been sold.

In Spain, my time has been spent working to commission and I have continued to teach and mentor.

This year (2018) my paintings are to be shown in the Barcelona Art Fair and in the Art Nou Milleni Gallery, central Barcelona..