Roseline Al oumami

Roseline Al oumami

Entering Roseline Al Oumami universe, is to travel in a dream of color from a reinvented humanity...

Abstract paint flirting with talent with a suggested figurative, Roseline Al Oumami's masterpiece has untied itself from a classical appearance to take off and change into a purely sensitive expression of being.

The artist is used to say that paint brings her to “escape, share…”, so does she share in an explosion of color that art is altruism at first!

Everything is said. Roseline Al Oumami is a creator listening to the world that does not stop to create an intelligent and ludic dialogue between the artist and the public, just like a bridge to walk on to better understand that other side of the person.

Powerful and self-demanding, Roseline Al Oumami’s paint “stick” to the closest of a transformed reality through the look of the artist… That’s the emotion itself… and that’s simply magnifique!"
— Nathalie Lescop-Boeswillwald; Critic & Poet.

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