Ron Verwey Art

Ron Verwey Art

Ron Verwey was born on the twelfth of November 1970 in Georgetown, Guyana, South America. At an early age his artistic potential was spoken of by friends and relatives. In the late seventies after his drawings were viewed by an art teacher he was selected to exhibit one of his drawings during a culture show in Springlands, Berbice were he was brought up.

In 1982 Ron migrated to Suriname with his grandparents and being in high school his art teacher saw great potential in his art but he didn't pay much attention to her nor his art since he was distracted by sports. !n 1992, a few years later after the passing of his grandmother he came back to Guyana for a few years. Being fascinated by the sceneries of his hometown he started making sketches on location and eventually small paintings. After meeting a talented artist by the name of Chico he stopped trying to sell his paintings and started working on the techniques Chico shared with him. In 1998 he went back to Suriname where he gave his life to the Lord and started preaching school. In 2001 he graduated and ever since he has been a Minister in the Church of Christ.

In 2003 during Carifesta (The Caribbean Festival of Arts) in Suriname he met Henna Hens, a renown artist from the Netherlands who allowed him to exhibit two of his paintings during her exhibition. This opportunity rekindled his love for art. And while all is said Ron was still to meet the master of painting. Then in 2007 he met him, Carl Anderson, the renown photo realist from Guyana who has won several major international awards. This was a defining moment in Ron's art that seemed to have lost it's way. Mr. Anderson gave him two private art courses, they then became friends and he is still his art mentor.

Today Ron is married with children and lives in Georgetown, Guyana, South America.

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Tel: 592-673 9351