Rona visions

Rona visions

All this life is basically one big and magical art and each and every one is an artist in his own variety . we are all kind of magicians, each one and his magic on the existing space.

Hi my name is Ronit Harel and im a TOTAL DESIGNER.based in israel
From a young age, I was always intrigued to explore and discover different areas of art, so I started from painting, sculpting and building exhibits of different types of materials. So over the years, I have found myself every period of time engaged in a new field related to design and art such as: clothing design, jewelry, exterior sculptures, sculpture from existing materials and even in recent years also in the field of architecture and interior design.

My style is a combination of things I have seen, drawn, read, experienced, felt - combinations. The combinations are infinite just like us on the spiritual level, it always comes out harmoniously and blends in with each other.

I created my own language as part of that I am as an involved human being my art also involve with me hand in hand. The painting simply flows out of me, there are no sketches before and the painting is done intuitively. My works is consciousness paintings that incorporate the phrase "anything is possible". There are no rules, everything is allowed, everything goes together, there is no limit to anything, no matter what you know or think you know.

These are Paintings of consciousness that open you up to a new inclusion of yourself in space and you can rest in it. This is a style of the new age, an age where anything is possible