ronak moshiri

ronak moshiri

Persian/Canadian Painter born in Tehran, currently living in Florence, Italy.
Award-winning artist, in national and international contests, artworks published in important Italian and Persian catalogues.

My artworks are mostly inspired by ancient Persian poetry. They are very expressive and carry oriental art.

My original creations are mostly made of acrylic, oil and mixed media. Acrylic helps a lot with the texture I use. I mix it with oil sometimes for its brightness.

I am an artist and I consider myself a storyteller too. I am the link to Persian tradition in a completely contemporary way. I want to preserve its lyrical depth and introspective ability.

I consider the artistic research an introspective analysis. When I paint figures come to the surface as from a mystic vision.
Beauty reveals itself in symbolic shapes. They find a place on the canvas and remind the viewer about the importance of feelings.

Painting (B.A- M.A) Art University of Tehran
Sculpture (B.A- M.A) Academy of Fine Arts of Florence

2021 : EXPO bologna 2021 with Wikiarte gallery 11th edition
jan 7-24 jan 2021
2021 : EXPO bologna 2021 with Wikiarte gallery 11th edition
2020 : art fair Monaco
2020: expo wikiatre Bologna
2019: Luxembourg art fair
2019 : paratissima art fair ( ex accademia artigliera )
2019: 7-8 June - TIAF, Tokyo International Art Fair
2019: 11-13 May - Montichiari Art Fair, Contemporary and Modern Art, Brescia
2019: Expo Bologna with Wikiarte Gallery - " con gli occhi di Mucha"
2018: Salzburg art fair
2018: paratissima art fair
2018: mostra collettiva "untitled" galleria wikiarte
2018: Personal art exhibition at Wikiarte Gallery, Bologna
2018: Collective art exhibition at Wikiarte Gallery, Bologna - hosted by Prof. Daverio
2018: Bergamo Art Fair-13-15 Jan, Pavilion B
2017: Spectrum Miami Art Show- December 6-10-booth 401-402 2017: Spectrum Miami art show with Wikiarte Gallery
2017: GrandArt fair Milano
2017: Collective art exhibition at Wikiarte Gallery, Bologna
2017: PaviArt Fair
2017: Personal Art exhibition presented by Giovanni Faccenda at Wikiarte Gallery
2017: expo Wikiarte 2017 presented by Gian Ruffegero Manzoni
2017: Affordable Art Fair (AAF) Milano
2016: Arte Fiera, Bergamo
2016: Winner of the International art prize- Sandro Botticelli award - FLORENCE ART 2016
2016: Permanent artist at MEDIOLANUM ART GALLERY, Padova
2016: Art Expo New York Presented by Wikiarte Gallery
2016: Third prize winner of The 6th prize in art and culture painting in the Lagoon
2016: Biennial of contemporary art on the Dolomites
2016: Solo Exhibition Milan presented by Giorgio Grasso
2016: Expo Bologna 2016 Wikiarte Gallery, Bologna - Presented by Giorgio Grasso and Giovanni Faccenda
2015: Group Exhibition Milan- Curated by Giorgio Grasso
2015: Expo Milano 2015 International Contemporary art - 6 months of Group Exhibition in Milan by Giorgio Grasso
2015: Group exhibition - Christmas Exhibition at Wikiarte Gallery, Bologna presented by Giorgio Grasso
2015: Group exhibition Oltre III - Galleria Wikiarte Bologna presented by Giorgio Grasso
2015: Group exhibition Sensazioni Artistiche third Vol- Galleria Wikiarte
2015: New York Fiera
2015: Expo Bologna 2015 at Wikiarte Gallery presented by Philippe Davverio and Giorgio Grasso
2014: La Versiliana Fair 2014 in Pietrasanta, Italy
2014: Solo exhibition in Bologna at Wikiarte Gallery
2014: Expo Bologna 2014 at Wikiarte Gallery
2013: Group exhibition "AL QUADRATO" in Albegna, Italy
2013: Selected work to participate in the Selection Exhibition for the 10th Biennial of International Art in Rome.
2008: Awarded the first prize for “The second world award of Monotheistic Religions"
International illustration competition”, Tehran, Iran

2008: Participated and candidate of the best illustration, in the group exhibition on the masterpieces of Persian Literature (Rumi), Tehran