Ron Adams

Trained (BA) in fIne art at Cardiff and Norwich Schools of Art, I won the Richardson Brown Traveling Prize. Postgraduate at Leicester Polytechnic and gained ATD and Cert Ed. Then I undertook a research MPhil. at the University of Bath, this focussed on the relationship between the quality of children's art in schools and the resources that were available to them in the schools of Wiltshire. 
I taught at Salisbury College of Art and King Edward Sixth School in Southampton. I have worked as an artist and photographer, putting together many exhibitions and winning a number of awards as a published artist. 
For the last 20 years I have worked as an artist in Greece, my paintings are in private collections in USA, Israel, England, Switzerland and France.
More recently I have set up a studio in Bath- my home town. I work in two main styles, I either take a minimalist view of the world of planes, spaces and shadows or at the other end of the spectrum I work in a more direct expressive way with Landscapes, Sky-scapes and Still Lifes.

Still lifes

English Landscapes