My name es Leonardo Romero, from Colombia. I started to draw at an age that I can't remember. My parents tell me how I was too annoying trying to make everyone in the family to draw me a furious bull. Don't ask me why, I don't know. Maybe I was attracted by the fierceness, and the power of that animal.

So, I wanted the drawings every time more powerful, and since the members of my family didn't make the bull that I wanted, then I started to draw it by myself. And I haven't stopped since then. Now I'm 31 and still practicing how to build emotions in whoever watches at my paintings.

At this stage I'm part of a collective of same-thinkers, also illustrators, mainly from Colombia, trying to develop even more our arts. It's name is FORJA, it comes from "forge" but in spanish. That's the activity or the place where a blacksmith melts the metals and make with them the figure he or she wants to produce. In FORJA we are a team forging our talents.

Thanks for reading