Rolf McEwen

Rolf McEwen

Rolf McEwen has been active in photographic art since 1969. He features fine art images suitable for offices, restaurants, bars, and home decor. His beautiful "Sketch Art" and "Photo Abstractions" create unique manipulations of photographs taken throughout Europe and the United States.

During the 1970's, while living on Maui, he photographed unique homes in a collection entitled Handmade Houses of Maui. In San Francisco, he did fashion photography.

His photos of Paris and London provide an array of famous sites. The Eiffel Tower and the Parliament Buildings of London are beautifully rendered in a variety of forms.

McEwen continues to increase his collection of images, capturing artistic forms from familiar objects. His stage photography includes images from more than 60 plays, many of which are featured in his book For Love of Drama. His photographs have been published in San Francisco Magazine and Honolulu Magazine. He has earned university degrees of Bachelor of Science and Master of Education.

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