Rojo Todd Munoz

Rojo Todd Munoz

Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Todd often found himself being scolded at young ages for painting on what he shouldn’t be, collecting things from outside that his parents didn’t particularly want indoors, and venturing off his own mad getaways that helped him hone his somewhat eccentric tastes and eye.

At 15 he began working at the Texas Renaissance Festival, and wouldn’t look back for ten years. During that time, he would come out as transgender and begin his medical transition, but never stopped his artistic endeavors and exploring the world around him.

Years later now, he continues to draw inspiration from this crazy world, finding wonder in the mundane and spirituality in the physical.

A photographer, painter, writer, poet, craftsman, singer, lyricist, scrimshander, ordained minister, creative consultant and so much more, Rojo Todd loves nothing more than the challenge of finding how to express one’s self in a new medium, except of course for the chance to help you create a room and space in your home that you’ll absolutely love, and that’ll help you find peace of mind on a day to day basis.