Rogers Visual Art

Rogers Visual Art

Hello my name is Roger Fiumara and I am a part time contemporary abstract artist living in Plainville Georgia. I am a self taught fluid acrylics artist and I also enjoy working with mixed media. I am an emerging artist and have been creating art for about five years now but mainly selling to family, friends and locally there have been many art pieces that I have given away also I can’t help myself to give the gift of art to someone special and see the expression on their face, art makes such a wonderful gift.

I love creating art it is my stress reliever my happiness and something that comes from inside me something that God instilled in me. I love working with and exploring color in many different ways and being an abstract artist gives me the freedom to work with color and how to balance it into good composition and to create wonderful and exciting visual art.

I use only high quality acrylic paints from Golden acrylics, Liquitex and Behr I mix most of my own colors and use high quality mixing and pouring mediums. After my paintings have cured for about two weeks I varnish with Liquitex high gloss medium so rest assured my buyers are getting a high quality art piece that will last a lifetime. My mixed media pieces are the same way I use only high quality mediums and papers and canvases.

I would like to thank you for visiting my gallery on Art Pal and I hope you find my art visually appealing and you can also view my art on my Facebook page and my Instagram page under rogersvisualart I am also working on my own website for the future. I also sell my art on eBay and will be showing my art on Saatchi Art soon

Fluid Acrylic Art

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