Roger El Khoury

Roger El Khoury

- Born in Lebanon 1967, Roger El Khoury is a practicing Artist with over 30 years experience in the field of fine Art, Interior Decoration , Fashion Design and Music as a pianist.
- Roger is a realist impressionist and expressionist Artist. He is also a fine portraitist.
- His talent was discovered at the age of 4. Most of his paintings are inspired from his childhood and places where he grew-up,mostly in the northern lebanese areas and especially 'Becharre' (hometown of his beloved grandmother and the famous Gebran Khalil Gebran)

- He has exhibited as a solo Artist in Lebanon and overseas and taken part in group exhibitions across the Middle East.

- Roger has completed a Diploma of high studies in Fine Arts at the Lebanese University, and currently works as a professional Artist, Designer and Art Teacher.

- Collective and solo Art Exhibitions:

. 2008 Byblos International Festival.
. 2004 Individual Art Exhibition in Sydney - Australia.
. 2004 Beirut Wedding Fair at Phoenicia Intercontinental
. 2004 Individual Art Exhibition at Lady of Balamand High-
. 2003 Collective Art Exhibition by the Lebanese Society of
Painters and Sculpturers at International Forum Tripoli.
. 2001 Collective Art Exhibition in Hasroun North Lebanon.
. 1997 Collective Art Exhibition for Arab countries in Doha -
. 1996 Permanent Art Exhibition at Art Shop Gallery in Abu-
Dhabi (UAE) and Kuwait.
. 1996 Permanent Art Exhibition at "Arte Del Mondo" Art
Gallery in tripoli.
. 1995 Collective Art Exhibition by the Lebanese Society of
Painters and Sculpturers at "Daraj Al Fann" Achrafieh-
. 1991 Collective Art Exhibition at "Goethe Center"
(German Cultural Center) Kaslik - Lebanon.
. 1991 Collective Art Exhibition (Art Et Artisanat) Ballouneh
. 1989 and 1990 Collective Art Exhibition in Hasroun North


. Lebanese University Faculty of Art Beirut - Lebanon.
. USEK (Universite Saint Esprit Kaslik) Lebanon. Studied
Musicology, instrument: Piano.


. Owns an Art shop in his own building in North Lebanon
since 1992.
. 1997 Worked paintings and Decorative Art (ceiling) for
"Regency Palace Hotel" Adma - Lebanon.
. 1992-1998 Decoration and Interior Design Experience.
. 2009 Worked Decorative Art (ceiling) for "Shater Hassan
Palace" restaurant In Ras Maska North Lebanon.
. 2012 Worked wall paintings for "Escape Gym" Tipoli.
. 2005 Established "Giovanni Pietro" for women evening
. Worked as an Art Teacher since 1995.
. 2007 President of the committee for official program
organizing for (jewellery design). Designed and organized
the full official program for levels: BP1-BP2-BT1-BT2-BT3.


. 2012 Special appearance in "Choc Magazine".
. 2005 Interview with "HIA TV".
. 2005 -2004 Interview with Radio "RLL".
. 2004 Short interviews with "Future TV" , "NewTV" and
"Tele Liban".