I'm a realism artist, working mostly with oil and charcoal. For themes i like the figurative works, but also enjoy painting landscapes, and still nature subjects.

I'm experienced in making realistic portraits, facial or full body, that can be framed, make a gift of them, or used in portfolios.
You can make a nice gift to a special person, a friend or family, or to some special occasion,...

Normally the portraits are done by use of a digital photography sent by email from the client.
When the work as been done i send, by email, a photography of the portrait, only when the client has pleased the work will be send.

Hope to meet good people, find some clients and models, learn with other artists and be inspired by photographers!
When possible i also like to share ideas and opinions about art, sometimes interesting collaborations came on!! So if you want to talk about this or just share your opinion send me a message by email or messenger :)

If you want to share or repost my artworks, please inform me or, at least, add the credits to me! You have my thanks if you help me on showing my art to the world! :D

Always be happy... fun with responsibility!
And don't forget to help artists!!! :D

Rural Life

Fallen leaves

other paintings


Prints only

Artistic nude and portrait drawings

Urban Landscapes