Rod Johnson

Rod Johnson

“I paint what I feel at the moment with fluidity, movement and emotion.”

A Denver native, Rod Johnson is recognized as a talented, self taught artist who continues to grow and broaden his horizons. His painting style and works are recognized nationally. With brilliantly colored brush stokes and complex patterns Johnson creates his provocative imagery. His art is influenced by several different artists, cultures and music.

Two of the most significant artists that have influenced Rod’s art are Eyvind Earle and Bayo Iribhogbe. Both artists use of color and movement in their art is also seen in Rod’s work. His art focuses on three different genres: African Tribal, Slavery and Music. He captures each genre with clarity and respect documenting those different cultures with brilliant colors.

Rod’s educational background is as diverse as his painting styles. He has studied environmental and social sciences; industrial design and engineering; and has a B.A in Interdisciplinary Studies. In 2002 his diversified education and work experiences took him down a new path. He founded the school A Brand New Start that focused on pre-adolescent children and teens from underserved neighborhoods in the Denver area. As the Executive Director of the school Johnson and his team successfully educated and graduated several groups of high school teens over the last 7 years.

2010 brought more changes for Rod. He has stepped down from his position at the school and after nearly a ten year hiatus from painting he is once again pursuing his life’s passion of creating works of art for people enjoy.


City Scape