|RSА| Rocosh

|RSА| Rocosh


Nice to meet you and welcome to my gallery.
My name is Rostislav Rokosh

| About my activities |
When I am free from daily routine, I prefer to plunge my mind into the world of colours. I find inner balance and harmony in the process of creation.
As a student who graduated from an art school in 2010 and SSU in 2019, and also being a street artist, I fill my creative works with variety. Among my works you may find academic painting, transferred to canvas by way of vision, as well as abstract, surrealistic images created by mind.
During the creative process, along with a brush and paints I also use sensations and emotions, putting them on canvas, filling my works with an air of humanity, or I just paint things that look aesthetic and pleasing to the eye.

| About the acquisition |
- Deal transparency.
All my works put up for sale are presented as authentically and realistically as possible, as they are written - without exaggeration, retouching, and hiding flaws.
It is very important for me that despite the distance dividing us, you would be able to get as much information as you would if you and I stood right in front of the picture.
Therefore, for all questions, I will be glad to see you.
- 14 days to resolve.
All works are protected by a guarantee of the return of your investment in art. Within two weeks, you can safely decide whether the art you purchased matches the decor of your room or how good it will be, as a gift to your friends or business partners.
Indeed, only a work of art you like will bring comfort and coziness to the house and create a favorable atmosphere. And only objects of art will be an exclusive and unforgettable present.


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