K-man Kreations


Welcome to my gallery! I'm Rob Kinsman (40yrs). I have recently got back into the art scene, painting is definitely a first for me. I loved drawing as I was growing up and had a passion for creativity in high school. I enjoyed my art classes in high school and admired my teacher Mrs. Kushak. I remember growing up watching Bob Ross with my Grandmother, sitting in the small tv room listening to Bob's calming voice. I recall his passion and analyzing his works while watching. Now time has passed and Netflix brought this memory back to life for me. I re-watched the Bob Ross series while telling myself I want to do this, I can do this. I am self taught while following certain artists on Youtube. Thank you HappyTreeArtbyBram and Paint with Kevin, along with Films128.

I am no painter by profession. During the day I am a full time 7/8 teacher at a rural school in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. I love my job. I teach all subjects (except French) and have been showing some of my learned art techniques to my students, they love it.

Painting creates a calming atmosphere and diminishes the stresses and pressures of my daily job. When I paint, it's just me and the canvas. I get to experience it for myself, make mistakes (accidents) on my own and learn through doing.

I have just begun this journey, let's see where it goes.