I first began to take a real interest in art, when I discovered its healing effects while recovering from back surgery. From that point on, art became an important part of my life and a vital way of expression. My curiosity has led me to explore a variety of art forms and mediums over the years including: drawing, calligraphy, assemblage, collage, jewelry, photography, pen and ink, acrylics and watercolor. Currently, I am working in watercolor and acrylics.

Currently, my subject matter are whimsical creatures and vivid flowers and landscapes that allow the viewer to escape into the realms of imagination. When I design a painting, I keep in mind the anatomical features of an animal or bird which it makes it universally recognizable to the viewer. From there, I determine which physical distinctions, whether real or imagined, that I want to highlight in the image.
It is fun to exaggerate a physical feature, especially eyes. I tend to give my fantasy creatures very large, human-like eyes. To me, the eyes are the most expressive feature of an image and I use size, shape and color to depict different emotions.

I’ve been asked how to describe my artwork, and I always find that question difficult to answer. To provide an all-inclusive definition is not easy because I’ve been influenced by many different artistic styles which I experiment with, even blending them together. The simplified drawings and outrageous use of bold colors, characteristic of the Fauvists, certainly has influenced my art from the start. Color is a powerful element and I use it to elicit emotions. I also enjoy the nontraditional and unexpected placement of color in a painting. Its great fun to paint the sky green and the river red!

Cubism is fascinating and really requires the artist and viewer to alter their perceptions, which is I find emotionally and mentally stimulating. Currently, I am working on abstract faces/masks that incorporate elements of cubism, particularly angles and the juxtaposition of features. I look forward to the different discoveries I will make as this style develops.

Without a doubt, the influence of expressionism dominates my art style. I am more concerned with evoking an emotional experience for the viewer than I am in depicting physical reality. I think it is apparent in my work, that I am fascinated with the art elements of line, shape and color.

Creating art takes a sense of adventure and willingness to experiment.

I hope you enjoy my images.


Bird Friends

Pen and Ink