Art By Robin

Art By Robin

Thank you so much for checking out my paintings. My passion for painting started when I saw that a camera could not take photos of the beauty I saw with my eyes. My art is my picture taken with the camera of my heart.
I enjoy painting snow scenes, snow covered mountains, waterfalls, stormy clouds, sunsets and desert scenes. My husband and me live in the Arizona desert and enjoy watching the sun sets and stars and the milky way from the top of our skoolie (a converted school bus). We are currently living in our short skoolie while we build our tiny home.
Thank you again for checking out my art and I pray my paintings take you to a place of peace and joy or rekindle a fond childhood memory.
Robin Bremer

Orange Autumn Moon

Milky Way Starry Night

Winter Romantic Getaway

Moonlight Night Desert Sky

Alaska Twilight Mountains

Winter Beauty