I am a successful part-time commercial artist looking to expand my commercial portfolio to serve the wedding industry in the Charleston area. I can supply designs for seating and other tent cards stationary such as invitations, thank yous, gift & guest registries, and other needs.
Event banners Mementos:
I have experience working with a variety of media and materials plus I have business relationships with suppliers who can meet a variety of needs. I can serve your needs with stock designs or consult with you to provide custom designs for your special event.
I want to work with reputable & discerning wedding professionals who know what they want but need artistic help in realizing their vision.

I am passionate about art! I spend all time I have available exploring, researching and producing art as it enables me to tap into my full capabilities and forces me to dig deep to connect my created images to ideas, visions, messages, and other prompts.

I trained as an artist at my mother's knee. She taught art at a local college when I was young. Through that she exposed me to different artists, media, and ideas. As a result, art has always been a big part of who I am. Even my chosen career as a mechanical designer allows me to tap into my artistic skill set to produce designs that creatively meet the needs of a project.

Conversely, my career also informs my art. My pursuit of 2D and 3D design coupled with 3D printing and virtual reality have altered my views on perspective, proportion, color, and experience. Additionally, my career has taught me how to creatively deal with constraints of budget and time to deliver against project objectives. At times I have even taken that to the point of exploiting new techniques & technology to make that possible. I bring that same discipline and inventiveness to my art.

If you work with me, I will deliver nothing but the best I have to offer.