The Grass Beneath My Feet

The Grass Beneath My Feet

When I paint, I lose myself in the canvas and my world becomes a creative place to express the state of my consciousness. I've learned a lot about myself. I started painting in August 2019 and took the first step in finding a peaceful place to hang out - in front of a canvas. I was surprised to find that I could lose myself for hours in a painting. The chaos across the globe takes a back seat and I only think about the paint colors, canvas, brushes and my loving dogs who lie at my feet. While painting, I choose different music to listen to... tune in to videos on social media or sometimes slide a DVD (yeah, I still have some) into my old TV in my art room.

I found I had several rules about how perfect I had to paint or that someone would be too critical my paintings. Then, I looked around... and noted there was nobody else it the room. Now, I paint for myself. :)

I appreciate you stopping by...

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